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The following conditions (hereinafter ‘General Conditions’) apply to the use of all the services (hereinafter the ‘Services’), identified and briefly described in Art 1 below, offered by PetroAfricaLimitada, corporate offices in Rua Francisco Manuel Fernando Caldeira 6B, 2˚ Andar, EdificioCometa, Luanda, Angola (hereinafter ‘PetroAfrica’), the company that owns the portal identified by the URL (hereinafter ‘the Site’).

  1. Intellectual and industrial property rights in relation to the Site and its Services
    The User expressly recognizes that all intellectual property rights, for example, know how, source codes, software, hardware, projects, applications, patents, industrial secrets, formulae, algorithms, models, data bases or similar, related to the Services, the data and all other material coming from PetroAfrica or, in any case, made available to the User by PetroAfrica by virtue of the General Conditions, remain the exclusive property of PetroAfrica, and that no rights, except that of the exclusively personal use in line with the terms of the General Conditions, are given to the Users concerning the above.
  2. Prohibition of the sale or commercial use of the Services
    The User’s right to the utilization of the Services is personal and may not be ceded to other persons. The User may access Services as an individual for purely personal use and, in any case, not for gain, profit or any other economic end. The User may not use any of the extracted contents in intellectual works. Users may not reproduce, publish, distribute, create a data base, translate, adapt, duplicate, copy, sell, subject to framing or deep linking, resell or in any way exploit for commercial purposes, gain or profit the services, either whole or in part, or as extracted from the Data Bases, including the use of or access to the Services.
  3. Links
    PetroAfrica may provide links to other sites or other internet resources. The User understands and accepts that PetroAfrica has no control over the content of such sites and as a mere third party is not in any way responsible for the content and/or material, also publicity material, distributed on such sites or external resources, including products and services offered on them. Such products and services cannot be considered in any way to be sponsored, shared or supported by PetroAfrica and consequently the User is solely responsible for any eventual purchases made of such products and services.
  4. Limitations of responsibility
    In view of the free provision of Services, PetroAfrica declines any responsibility for eventual claims by the User concerning the impossibility of use of Services for whatever reason. PetroAfrica will not be responsible for any eventual claim for damages, compensation or loss, direct or indirect, suffered by the User as a result of the non- or defective functioning of the electronic apparatus of the User or of third parties, including Internet Service Providers, telecom and/or computer connections not directly managed by PetroAfrica or persons for which it is responsible. PetroAfricacannot be held responsible for damages resulting from:
    a) a failure to provide Services resulting from the wrong or lack of functioning of the electronic means of communication for reasons outwith the bounds of the company’s control, including, for example, fire, natural disasters, energy blackout, non-availability of telephone lines or other suppliers of network services, malfunctioning of computers and other electronic appliances, also those that are not an integral part of the internet, malfunction of the programs installed on the computer by the User;
    b) deriving from the actions of other users or other persons with access to the internet.

Rua Francisco Manuel Fernando Caldeira 6B, 2˚ Andar, EdificioCometa, Luanda, Angola

Last updated on 15/06/2012